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Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is JQ Sirls. I am a creative of many disciplines within art, writing, music, and design. I am the owner of a small boutique story-studio for children, called Fantoria LLC. I also collaborate with brands and influencers on exciting projects. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rockhurst University and a Master of Science degree from FullSail University.

The purpose of this blog.

This blog is an ongoing journal that blends my passion of fine art and creative writing. In each post, I express my inner-most thoughts, joys, and fears of the day—in sonnet form—paired with visual work(s) by a talented artist that serves as a muse or emotional trigger for what the post is about. It makes me uncomfortable to share or expose myself and my thoughts, so I figured this would be a great exercise to become a more thoughtful writer and creative. The featured artwork has information and links below the image to learn more our purchase the work.

Sometimes the art will be my own.

And if you like, you can purchase some of my work in the "shop" tab above.

– JQ